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Raquel Moore

Raquel Moore

Wellington Extra Coordinator
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Raquel Moore

Miss Raquel Moore joined WICB from Southern Spain, where she lived with her family for two years. Originally from the UK, Raquel graduated with a BA hons degree in Psychology.

She has a love for travel, and likes to explore new cultures and traditions which have inspired her to visit countries including, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

During her first visit to Thailand twenty years ago, Raquel volunteered at the Thai Red Cross where she taught English to nurses. This was a hugely rewarding time, as she felt a connection to Thailand, in turn opening up so many opportunities.

Before joining WICB, Raquel worked as a first class flight attendant for three award winning airlines, including Japan Airlines as part of their London base, Qantas Airways as part of their UK base, and Emirates Airlines, based in Dubai.

Raquel is delighted to be one of the founding members of staff at WICB where she had the opportunity to assist with the Year 3 class last year. Furthermore, her role this year is as Wellington Extra Co-ordinator where she facilitates after school CCA’S through the extra programme. Here she is responsible for maintaining a happy, safe, and nurturing environment for all pupils and parents.

Outside the classroom, she believes strongly that pupils should be encouraged to partake in a range of extra curricular experiences, exploring their interests and building their strengths.

Throughout her time at Wellington college, She has always been keen to engage in enriching pupil’s lives. She is delighted to be working in the Wellington Extra section at WICB.

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