Beyond the Classroom

Lessons are very important – of course – but life at Wellington College is about a lot more than just studying in classrooms.

Beyond the Classroom

This is, in part, due to the beautifully fluid design of our school, which allows for flow out of more traditional spaces and into, for example, the spacious, multi-purpose Learning Studios, which run the entire length of the building. Here, as well as in other small-group spaces, or our flexible and dynamic Library, or even outdoors, the seeds of independent learning and thinking are sown – and begin to germinate and grow.

And a significant part of every school day is taken up with other types of learning: our varied Enrichment programme, for example; a broad range of events, such as concerts, performances, sporting fixtures, House gatherings and competitions, cultural celebrations and our fascinating ‘WellingTEN’ events (where a set of ten-minute talks spark lively discussion and thought).

It’s also important for children to take charge of their own progress and explore new learning opportunities on their own terms. Even from a young age, our students are encouraged to develop ideas for events, opportunities and activities. We are always delighted to support these in any way we can.

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