Universities and Careers

Universities and Careers

We believe that our pupils should start early when considering their future study and career paths. To that end, pupils are made aware of their options at the start of year 9, with further information and support continuing throughout years 10 and 11. By the second term of year 12, they are ready to begin narrowing down their initial university selections, guided every step of the way through regular communications with the head of sixth form and the director of higher education.

Thanks to their years of experience and detailed knowledge of the university applications process, our staff members have a proven track record of helping pupils secure places at their top choice universities. Furthermore, the staff body has an extended network capable of supporting pupils throughout the entire process in whatever manner is most appropriate to each individual – whether that means hosting mock interviews for Oxbridge, engaging relevant institutions to deliver lectures on how best to maximise the effectiveness of a personal statement, or any other conceivable form of effective support.

More specialised courses, such as law and medicine, involve bespoke admissions processes, which we also support. However, any given pupil, no matter what course they decide to apply for, will have access to the appropriate personnel who can explain the intricacies of the application process thoroughly and clearly, preparing them for what lies ahead.

Click here to download Making University Choices Booklet.

Universities and Careers


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