Our art teachers give us so much support and guidance as we work on our projects. They take the time to understand what we want to do and then help us refine our ideas and inspire us turn them into a reality. In more traditional schools, the teacher might just tell you how they would do something, but here they outline a path with plenty of room for us to use our own interpretation and creativity.

Heather, Year 10 (Stanley)


We aim to give our art and design pupils the ability to hone both their creative instincts as well as the necessary practical skills needed to bring their ideas to life via whichever medium interests them the most.

At every stage of their educational development, our pupils are encouraged to continually explore their potential for creativity, while taking risks and trying new artistic approaches, but always on their own terms. In order to allow them to do this, our department maintains an expansive range of materials and resources which enables our pupils to take their creative impulses in new and exciting directions.

Currently, we offer excellent facilities for clay work, painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, textiles and even 3D printing. We also have plans to introduce new facilities and resources to allow for print and lenses-based media in the near future. Furthermore, our pupils also have full access to iPads and the ICT Mac suite in order to stimulate art and design learning through the latest technological means.

For art in the upper Prep School and lower Senior School, our aim is to encourage our young artists to discover, explore and experiment with a wide range of media and a variety of styles and approaches. Risk taking is actively encouraged, outcomes become pupil-led and independence is encouraged.
We follow the Edexcel Art and Design IGCSE programme – Fine Art endorsement. We believe this affords our pupils a well-rounded and flexible learning journey that builds on the skills and principles developed in the Prep and Senior School. Edexcel Art and Design IGCSE is 100% exam based and affords us the time to prepare pupils over 18 months.

In Years 12 and 13, pupils have the opportunity to undertake the visual arts as part of the IB course. The course is broken into 3 parts.

  • Visual Arts in Context
  • The Comparative Study (Assessment)
  • Visual Art Methods
  • Process Portfolio (Assessment)
  • Communicating Visual Arts
  • The Exhibition (Assessment)



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