Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

“Very few people are lucky enough to be the best at anything. Olympic champions – they’re the best for four years. Usually, unless they’re Usain Bolt or Thorpe or Phelps, very few Olympic champions are Olympic champions again four years later. So even when you finally get to the top, you don’t stay there very long. For each individual, being the best you can be is the only way to sustain success for yourself. If you’ve gotten to the end of your life, and you’ve always been the best version of yourself, then you’ve been successful.”

There are many British international schools in Bangkok, Thailand. At Wellington College International School Bangkok, we believe that competing with other international schools is not only unwarranted but counterproductive. Instead, we focus on being the best international school we can be. This mission produces a growth mindset among our senior leaders and teachers which naturally spreads to our pupils. The whole ethos of Wellington College International School Bangkok is focused on each and every individual becoming the best version of him- or herself.

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