Co-Curricular Activities Programme

A good school doesn’t only provide its students with a strong programme of co-curricular activities and opportunities. It also gives due value to those activities, by recognising the all-important balance between what goes on in the classroom and what happens outside it.

Co-Curricular Enrichment Programme

At Wellington College Bangkok, our Enrichment programme is embedded inside the school day, and – from Year 3 upwards – is made up of both co-curricular activities and Prep sessions.

Enrichment activities comprise a wide range of offerings, supplied at no extra cost by our education staff.  Below is a typical schedule – but please see the current programme for up-to-date information.

All students from Year 3 have one lesson of Prep every day.  ‘Prep’ (the word usage comes from the British boarding school tradition) is homework.  Children move to a different classroom, with other members of their House and one or two teachers for guidance, and work on the homework that has been given to them.  If they have any problems, the teachers are available – as are other children, who may be able to give some pointers as well.

There are a number of good reasons for doing Prep in school, not least of which is that homework done at home can be a source of considerable unhappiness and stress, for children as well as adults – as many parents and children will readily testify!  Whereas homework done at school allows children to utilise both their natural school-based study-readiness as well as the network of support that’s available on campus.

It should be added that some work may still need to be done at home – but that the nature of such work should suit the home environment.  Many studies tell us very clearly that most typical homework tasks (eg worksheets extending work done in class) do not contribute anything to the learning process.  In order to benefit from homework done at home, children need to have learned the skills that support independent study.  These skills we build in the younger years so that our students are ready to make the most of out-of-class opportunities as they grow older.

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