“Sport is really fun at Wellington and our teachers are also great at helping us learn to be disciplined and get the most out of what we are doing. Compared to my old school, everyone here is focused and eager to do their absolute best and take things seriously, while still loving what they do. I’ve also learned to do so much more independent training and I feel like I’m a much better athlete because of it.”

Louis, Year 9 (Stanley)


Our philosophy of teaching sport is one of inclusion, enjoyment and the all-round development of our pupils’ wellbeing and education. We emphatically believe that sport is for everyone and each pupil is given the opportunity to discover which sport will suit them best and give them the greatest sense of enjoyment as well as achievement.

As you would expect from our outstanding facilities, we have the capability to offer pupils the chance to try their hand at an extremely wide range of different sports: from the more established football, rugby, hockey cricket, netball, swimming and athletics, to more specialised sports, such as fencing and scuba diving.

Whatever their experience level, our pupils are encouraged by our highly committed staff members to find the sport – or indeed sports – which inspire them to excel. Once they achieve this, pupils are then given the continuous support that enables them to develop a keen love of their sport, alongside the progression of their physical aptitude and skill. Our talented and dedicated coaching teams strive to create the best possible environment for pupils to learn with a judicious mixture of challenge, competitiveness and open communication.

At its heart, sport at Wellington College International Shanghai is about fostering an active life and embracing the meaning and spirit of our five core values: courage, respect, integrity, kindness and responsibility. By instilling these values though the practical and ethical lessons of sport, we believe that each Wellingtonian will become a more well-rounded and mature individual, one who will hopefully enjoy a lifelong love of their chosen sporting disciplines.

The development of sporting abilities goes beyond the classroom, as it takes discipline and dedication on the part of our pupils. The extensive sports offerings in our CCA programme are designed to allow pupils to take their training and progression to a higher level while maintaining a healthy love of their chosen sporting activities.

We offer over twenty different sports, including football, cricket, rugby, netball, swimming, gymnastics, athletics and racket sports such as tennis and badminton. Additionally, we offer more diverse sports, as part of our co-curricular activity, eg. fencing, scuba diving and martial arts.



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