The Arts

Developing lifelong enjoyment.

Inspiring creative imagination.

Stimulating artistic talent.

The Arts


The theatre is the home of drama at Wellington. With regular performances, the department demonstrates versatility and depth by staging major musicals as well as a variety of plays, house events, drama competitions, talent shows and pupil-led productions.


Dance at Wellington is taught in a variety of different disciplines. Our dance clubs include ballet, jazz dance, contemporary and physical theatre – allowing our pupils to explore as wide a range of creative dance types as possible.


The quality of pupils’ artwork is evident throughout the College’s many colourful and engaging corridor displays and exhibitions. At each stage of their academic development, we encourage pupils to explore their inner creativity, take risks and try new artistic approaches.


Whether they love classical, rock, jazz, pop or any other genre, our pupils can perform and enjoy whatever type of music speaks to them, thanks to our impressively diverse music curriculum. We also enjoy regular musical concerts and recitals throughout the academic year.

Other Arts

Creative writing, debating and film-making are deeply embedded in Wellington College life. During the annual Arts Festival, pupils participate in a variety of workshops, from graffiti to journalism, storytelling, clowning, opera singing, manga and many other art forms.

The Arts


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