Our Coaching Philosophy

“Something that I utilise more at Wellington College than I have ever done in any school that I’ve worked in before is coaching. One of the core values of coaching is that the coachee, in this case the student, always has the answers, and it’s your job as a coach to help them discover those answers. And what that does is it means that students aren’t necessarily being spoon-fed correct answers but they’re being encouraged to go and find out things for themselves. And if they’re doing that from a young age, then they’re going to become excellent learners. And not just that. They won’t just have success at GCSE and A level and even university level but they will be successful people beyond that in their lives. And it’s exciting to know that I am part of a school that values that process.”

Wellingtonians develop personal, cognitive, social and study skills to enable them to cope with the challenges of university and their lives beyond. They adapt, cope and thrive in an ever-changing world. This is reflected in our academic curriculum, our co-curricular programme, our commitment to the coaching philosophy, and our focus on character development and leadership. By coaching Wellington College International School Bangkok students to be independent learners starting in pre-preparatory school, they will be prepared for what’s to come, both in their academic lives and their careers.

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