Master’s Welcome

Masters welcome

From the master

Welcome to Wellington College International Shanghai.  Our aim is to give the world’s best schooling to boys and girls from age two to eighteen, so we provide world-class facilities for both boarders and day pupils.  We have a love of learning and we foster that love of learning in our pre-prep, prep and senior schools.

I hope you get the opportunity to visit us. You will see one of the largest and most attractive international school campuses in the world, easily accessible to most of Shanghai.  Wellington is the most forward-thinking and innovative school in this great city.

Wellington College has repeatedly been identified as the best independent school in England and we benefit greatly from our close links.  Our real, deep and effective partnership with Wellington College influences our Shanghai community greatly; it is evident in all aspects of our school life.  Our beautiful campus is based on the design and look of Wellington College and many of our teachers have worked there.

We share the Wellington College values.  In Shanghai we want our children to become the very best versions of themselves.  We encourage and expect children to be Inspired, Intellectual, Independent, Individual and Inclusive.

Being Inspired is to be excited by our time at the college and to develop a zest for life.  Being Intellectual is to think critically and to engage in deep learning not limited by any curriculum.  Being Independent is to have the personal, cognitive, social and study skills to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Being Individual is to be given the freedom and encouragement to be yourself in every sense and to be given the rich experiences to develop our personal skills and talents. Being Inclusive is to recognise our privileges and to reject elitism and exclusivity by developing moral values, a social conscience and a desire to serve.  We take great pride in our internationalism, our co-educationalism and our service programme.

These values are shared by each of the schools in the College family. Wellington has deservedly earned an international reputation for its focus on the values of courage, integrity, kindness, respect and responsibility.  These values underpin all our conversations with children and all our policies and practice.

The Wellington College family is most famous for the identification of the Wellington Aptitudes.  We do not ask “How intelligent is this child?”, but “How is this child intelligent?”  So we give children multiple opportunities to develop and demonstrate their aptitudes in each of eight areas: logical, linguistic, cultural, physical, social, personal, moral and spiritual.

I have been a school principal for more than a decade.  I hope you are as excited by the prospect of your child attending Wellington College Shanghai as I am by the privilege of being Master of this world-class and exceptionally progressive school.

I look forward to giving you a warm welcome.

Gerard MacMahon
Master, Wellington College International Shanghai

Masters welcome Julian

From the Master of Wellington College

The governors, staff and students of Wellington College extend a very warm welcome to all of you considering joining the Wellington community, by enrolling your child(ren) at Wellington College in Shanghai.

Wellington is deeply committed to an all-round or holistic education, and the development for every member of our community of their unique gifts and talents to the full. We want your child to develop a passion for learning; interests that extend beyond the confines of the classroom; capacity to think and learn independently; individuality; and an understanding of their responsibilities to the local and global communities. All schools claim to be developing the all-round child. At Wellington it is a genuine commitment through a deliberate focus on our unique model of education, the Wellington aptitudes. In my visits to Shanghai, I have been struck by the obvious commitment of staff to the educational ethos that binds the Wellington family of schools.

For me, it is wonderful to be at Wellington, a school where you can feel that the staff, and indeed the wider community, have made a real difference, not just in the children’s lives, but to education as a whole. This is the vision we have brought to China. Not that it is a vision just for our children, as we aim to be second to none in our involvement of Wellington parents and our openness with them. Such are our expectations of Wellington College in Shanghai, expectations which I know we will realize together within the community.

These are exciting times for Wellington, Shanghai as it grows to full capacity in the months ahead. We at Wellington College, look forward to engaging with you in China to the mutual benefit of all.

We hope that you choose to become part of this fast growing and admired global community, and that I have the opportunity to meet you, either in the UK, or during one of my visits to Shanghai.

Julian Thomas
14th Master, Wellington College


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