Our Aims, Mission Statement and Ethos

The Wellington Way: Our Ambition, Academic Ethos and Mission Statement

In April 2010, the whole Wellington College community voted to adopt five values to help us put Wellbeing right at the heart of everything that we do.

The five values selected by the entire Wellington College community were:

Courage Responsibility Integrity Kindness Respect

By collectively upholding the values, we will make the experience of living, working and studying at Wellington College one that enhances and enriches life.

A value is a deeply held belief about the way the world ought to be. Our values are acquired during our life and they drive our emotions, our actions and our life paths. When we see others upholding or transgressing our values, it is likely to produce a powerful emotional response in us, because our values matter. We each have our own set of personal values and the 5 Wellington values are not intended to supplant those, but when we act in the name of the College, we will uphold these 5 values above all others.

The Values Defined

Courage: the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation. To take calculated risks in the pursuit of goodness.

Respect: a positive feeling of esteem for a person, group, entity or quality, resulting in acting with fairness. This can include self-respect, which involves not compromising one’s values just to gain approval from others.

Integrity: consistency and authenticity. Acting in consort with one’s values or beliefs.

Kindness: showing consideration for others and acting selflessly for their benefit.

Responsibility: being reliable, dependable and accountable for one’s conduct. Fulfilling a duty. Acknowledging the need to serve the communities in which we operate.

What Can I Do?

We can all uphold these values through everything that we choose to do at Wellington. Rather like learning a musical instrument or a language, the more we practise behaviour that upholds our values, the more they will become integral to our character, to who we are. In turn, this will have an impact upon the character of the College as a whole.

There are countless examples of people in history, politics, literature, sport and the world around us who uphold these values. Notice when people are courageous, kind, responsible, respectful and have integrity. Celebrate what they do and emulate their example.

Our Ambition

In building upon the successful heritage of our partner schools in the UK and China, we are establishing Wellington College in Shanghai as the leading and most inspirational co-educational boarding and day school in China. We already possess an enviable reputation, comparing favourably with the very best establishments anywhere in the world, centred on a breadth of excellence. Strong and effective leadership and a commitment to continual self-improvement in all areas of school life are deemed vital in sustaining and enhancing this aim.

Our Academic ethos

Wellington College welcomes families from all nationalities, offering them a curriculum rooted in the very best of British education, all within the context of an international educational community. Our vision is of a vibrant, fully co-educational boarding and day school which realises the maximum academic potential of every pupil from age three to eighteen years. In achieving this vision, the College embraces the best teaching and learning practices and practitioners, drawn from all over the native English-speaking world.

Mission Statement

Our vision and values are based on the fundamental belief that all pupils can achieve, succeed and thrive – and it is the mission of everybody at the College to ensure we provide every opportunity for this to happen for every pupil.

We seek to be an invigorating and challenging, not forgetting enjoyable school, which opens the minds and hearts of our pupils, teachers, parents and all other members of our community. We wish to provide a transformative experience, equipping pupils with the personal resilience, adaptability, tolerance and positivity to face the demands of a rapidly changing world, while ensuring that each grows to understand that serving and caring for others brings the highest rewards in life and the greatest likelihood of long-term happiness and fulfilment.

While a pupil’s academic performance is always central, we believe that true education, and the foundations for success at adulthood come equally from participation in the many and varied areas of school life, and that all pupils can succeed and thrive in each of their Eight Aptitudes.

Our Aims, Mission Statement and Ethos





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