Returning to Campus for Summer Term

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Wellington College International School Bangkok has made extensive changes to our school operations during this extraordinary worldwide coronavirus pandemic. We are hugely proud of our Wellington community’s response to these changes.

Our students showed impressive independence and our parents great bravery leading to a calm and safe return to campus for all. Once in the building, students took changes in their stride and it feels as if they have never been away!

In the weeks leading up to reopening, teachers and ALTs performed daily drills to ensure that everyone was prepared for Summer Term. Other examples of precautions we’ve taken include: UV disinfection, foot sanitising carpets at all entrances, hand sanitiser stations placed throughout campus, maximizing the effectiveness of our powerful ventilation systems, table shields in our Dining Room and Learning Studios, and regular hand washing with soap and water.

Of course, we are implementing full social distancing measures, mask-wearing at all times, clear limits on movement and mixing between groups. But that doesn’t mean we have to think narrowly: the key question for us is not what we cannot do, but what we can do. Our curriculum in the time of Covid will be as rich and varied as possible, without compromising anyone’s safety.

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