Lunchtime should be an important part of the day for everyone. Healthy, nourishing and delicious food, pleasant surroundings, a convivial atmosphere – students and adults together, chatting and enjoying their time, benefit us all.

Lunch and Catering

We teach excellent table manners and expect them to be used at all times; we also spend time in and out of the classroom discussing and considering the cultural and nutritional aspects of food with our students.

Our school food is all prepared fresh every day in the Junior School kitchens by Epicure, an outstanding company that deals specifically with international schools in Thailand.  All students are required to eat school lunch, unless they have a special exemption for religious or severe dietary reasons.  In general, both faith-based and allergy-based requirements are catered for within the available menu.

Students in Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception eat in their own charming Early Years Dining Hall on the ground floor of the Junior School building; from Year 1, everyone eats in the Junior Dining Hall, located between the Junior School and the Swimming Pool complex.

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