Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts department at Wellington College is an umbrella for drama, dance and theatre, working closely with the Music department. It provides a broad interconnectivity between the art forms. The drive of the department is to develop potential through creativity.

A pedagogical line is traceable from the Pre-Prep and Prep School through the Senior School, which is designed to educate and stimulate the pupils into achieving their best. It is therefore a process driven area, rather than a product driven area.


Drama is used to develop verbal and non-verbal expression, an awareness of the perspectives of others, and an aesthetic appreciation. Drama should enable all pupils to communicate in ways that go beyond their spoken language ability. Through drama, pupils should begin to construct an understanding of their community, their environment, and their own feelings and emotions.

Drama essentially teaches:
1.    Creativity
2.    Awareness
3.    Communication
4.    Team work
5.    Risk Taking


Through the study of dance, pupils develop skills that are valuable for achievement in other areas of school and life. Through their studies pupils will not only gain physical and creative skills but will:

1.    Develop meaningful concepts of self, human relationships, and physical environments
2.    Build critical thinking skills by examining the reasons for dancers’ actions, by analysing individual responses to lessons and performances, and by interpreting the intent of choreographers
3.    Strengthen and refine creative thinking skills by creating original interpretations of dances, based on responses to others’ work.
4.    Learn to contextualize dance in culture and history by exploring how a dance relates to the time and place of its origins

Prep School:

The Pre-Prep and Prep School performing arts curriculum begins within the classroom and extends to After School Activities (ASA’s). From Year 5 specialist classes in drama prepare our young learners to be creative, communicate and work in teams, through devising theatre and embracing play.

Dance is also available in the Pre-Prep and Prep School as an ASA and will be incorporated into the Year 5, 6 and 7 Drama curriculums.

Productions within the Pre-Prep and Prep School area are not just a finished product or photo opportunity, but a celebration of skills learned. Smaller productions are encouraged in the younger years, with scope for a larger production in Year 5, 6 and 7.

Senior School:

The Performing Arts are well established in the senior curriculum, with a broad offering which includes drama, dance and theatre. Interdisciplinary work (including music and fine art) is encouraged to demonstrate to the pupils the commonality between the art forms.

ASA’s ranging from ballet and jazz dance to drama clubs, technical theatre, productions and performances, are all seen as essential to the rounded development of our learners and are part of the Eight Aptitudes we teach at Wellington College.

The Wellington College Theatre

Learning & Teaching

Wellington College’s Theatre is committed to providing a unique programme of educational opportunities for the pupils of the College, its associated community and the community at large. This outstanding venue supports hundreds of Wellington pupils throughout the year and enables young people to engage with all aspects of theatre production, including performance and technical. We aim to provide a venue that offers our pupils a sense of purpose and a rich sense of cultural development.

Music, Drama, Dance and Theatre

In all aspects of programming and producing the Wellington theatre is committed to supporting the broader development of the performing arts education of our pupils. With its state of the arts technical ability and superb acoustics, the Theatre is ideally suited to the presentation of music, drama, dance and theatre and will attract outside artists to enrich the cultural offerings to our College and its community.

Equality of Opportunity

The Wellington College Theatre is committed to promoting equality of opportunity across all aspects of its operation. This applies to pupils, audiences, performers, practitioners, and the broader College community alike. Through education, we strive to use theatre, drama, dance and music to tackle the barriers which prevent young people from achieving their full potential in life.

More than anything, the Wellington College Theatre is an evolving entity, ready to adapt and change to support the needs of our pupils and community.

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