Stewart Findlay

Mr Findlay joined WCIB in August 2018, working in Y5 and assisting in EYFS. In August 2019, he will return to Senior School teaching as Head of History and Geography. At the University of Dundee, Stewart attained a Master of Arts in History. He also has a PGDE from the University of Glasgow in Secondary History teaching. 

Wellington College Bangkok is Stewart’s first international post; however, he established his outstanding teaching practice working in Scotland for 6 years, at Morgan Academy in Dundee, where he helped to implement a new History, Geography and Modern Studies curriculum throughout the BGE phase. In his final year, Stewart took a middle management role, running a newly formed department which collaborated with SLT, external partners and the school pastoral team to maximise student engagement with school life 

A teacher at Wellington College is passionate, engaging and someone who consistently encourages all Wellingtonians to endeavour to reach their academic, sporting and social goals. We must always go the extra mile for our students and constantly question and adapt our practice for a more effective outcome. 

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