Wellington College Bangkok Pandemic Prevention

For the comfort and safety of the whole community, Wellington College Bangkok is putting in place strict principles for Pandemic Prevention.

Students and adults must maintain a safe distance at all times. Social Distancing signs make it clear where to stand and our spacious classrooms have been reconfigured to allow a safe space for each child. There is a limited number of people allowed on campus at one time.

Masks must be worn by all adults and students whilst on the campus. Short, safe breaks for comfort are provided during the school day.

Big Cleaning, UVC and regular sanitizing of high touch areas provides a high standard of hygiene.

Temperatures are checked using manual thermometers and Infrared Thermal Scanners. Temperatures over 37.5 degrees are not admitted.

Each student is provided with their own technology and resources to prevent cross contamination.

Hand sanitiser stations are provided throughout the campus. Teachers and students wash their hands with soap and water every hour.

Remote Learning platforms remain active for students studying from home.

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