Wellington Extra

Wellington Extra seeks to provide our pupils, and those from the wider community, a fantastic opportunity to learn, develop and play in a way that promotes the Wellington identity and values. By engaging in our programmes, pupils will have the opportunity to imbue the Wellington Values and develop the Wellington Identity. The Extra Programme ensures that we offer an extra-curricular programme which is consistent with all Wellington schools within the group.

Wellington Extra

In Wellington College Bangkok’s Extra Programme, we have wide range of activities available to children, all of which are provided by professionals who are specialists in their chosen field. Currently we have running over 45 courses ranging from popular sports such as swimming, football, tennis, golf and basketball, to other disciplines such as Creative Writing, Mandarin, Robotics, Debating, English as a Second Language (ESL), Cookery, Clay Works and Yoga.

Having suspended activities in the Summer Term as part of our pandemic prevention measures, we are looking forward to re-starting Wellington Extra in the coming term. Current parents will soon be notified of the opportunity to register in time for activities to start before the end of September.

If you have any For questions about Wellington Extra, please contact Mr Jon Fudge, Director of Sport & Co-Curricular Coordinator: j.fudge@wellingtoncollege.ac.th

Wellington Extra Login

For parents who are new to Wellington Extra, this short video shows you how to sign up to ClubsBuddy

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