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Wellington Extra seeks to provide Wellington pupils, and those from the wider community, a fantastic opportunity to learn, develop and play in a way that promotes the Wellington identity and values. By engaging in our programmes, pupils will have the opportunity to imbue the Wellington Values and develop the Wellington Identity. The Extra Programme ensures that we offer a consistent extra-curricular programme which is imbedded within all the groups colleges.

Wellington Extra

Head of WE Welcome

‘Hello everyone, I am Chris Carter, Head of Wellington Extra. Our vision of the Extra Programme is to give a wider experience to children with fantastic facilities and Wellington ethos we commit to. In Wellington College Bangkok’s Extra Programme, we have wide range of adult and children’s activities, all get the advantage of quality training if they want to progress their football, tennis or any other sports activities, or improve their other skills in areas such as robotics, cooking and more . Currently we have running over 45 courses during the week and weekends ranging from popular exercises such as swimming, football, yoga to cookery and clay works, whilst not forgetting the Holiday Camps. We have English as Second Language (ESL) classes working on creative writing, debating and phonics. We require the discipline, the respect, the hard work, and the dedication. These are the type of things they will learn. So, we try to teach them all these things to understand the ethos of being a Wellingtonian, the discipline needed in sport and daily life if you want to be successful.’

Parents bring their children into the College community because they want their children to experience the best on offer from the expertise of our coaches and teachers, through to the outstanding facilities and resources on site. Our innovative programme continues to grow and develop in order to ensure we offer the very best experience to all our pupils and families.

The Wellington Extra Programme has been operational in Bangkok since the founding of the school and continues to grow in breadth and scale of classes available. Full information and access to the Wellington Extra Programme can be found here.

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For more information about the Wellington Extra program, please contact Mr. Chris Carter at wellingtonextra@wellingtoncollege.ac.th

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