Wellington Extra

Wellington Extra seeks to provide Wellington pupils, and those from the wider community, a fantastic opportunity to learn, develop and play in a way that promotes the Wellington identity and values. By engaging in our programmes, pupils will have the opportunity to imbue the Wellington Values and develop the Wellington Identity. The Extra Programme ensures that we offer a consistent extra-curricular programme which is imbedded within all the groups colleges.


Wellington Extra Camps

Wellington College Bangkok in association with Elite Performance Academy (EPA) is thrilled to announce its 2019/2020 holiday camp program, where kids can learn from international sport stars and special guest speakers in an ideal environment. Beautifully located within a clean and expansive campus, Wellington College Bangkok’s world-class facilities allow the freedom for kids to develop their self-confidence, leadership and communication skills through a fun and engaging experience.

Wellington Extra Registration

For more information about the Wellington Extra program, please contact Mr. Chris Carter at wellingtonextra@wellingtoncollege.ac.th

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