Wellington Extra

Wellington Extra seeks to provide Wellington pupils, and those from the wider community, a fantastic opportunity to learn, develop and play in a way that promotes the Wellington identity and values. By engaging in our programmes, pupils will have the opportunity to imbue the Wellington Values and develop the Wellington Identity. The Extra Programme ensures that we offer a consistent extra-curricular programme which is imbedded within all the groups colleges.


Wellington Extra Saturday

TaekwondoVarious Levels
Swimming*Various Levels
Adult 1 to 1
Adult Lane Swim
AthleticsJunior Section
Senior Section
Hip Hop
Adult Fitness ClassesZumba
GolfTri Golf 4 years old upwards

Development 6 years old upwards

FootballJunior Section

Senior Section

Girls  Academy

CookeryMaster Chef
Little Chef
TennisSenior Section
Junior Section
Saturday Kids Club3 to 5 years old (Arts and Crafts/English/Fun Splash)
Centre Stage (Stage School)All Age Groups (26 Oct to 7 Dec 19)
Glass Painting WorkshopSee Booking System for More Details

Wellington Extra Registration

For more information about the Wellington Extra program, please contact Mr. Chris Carter at wellingtonextra@wellingtoncollege.ac.th

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Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the government of Thailand has ordered the temporary closure of all schools in the Kingdom. Wellington College Bangkok continues to provide a full programme of Remote Learning for all our students. We wish you good health in these troubling times.

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