Academic rigour is fundamental to Wellington College.  Whatever we are studying, we do it with focus, determination, depth and critical thought.  That doesn't mean, though, that our students needs to suffer in order to succeed: find your motivation and you will always be impelled to learn more.  That is the strength of Wellington.


The Early Years

Children begin their education based on the English Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. This curriculum advocates a play-based approach and the concept of ‘The Unique Child’. This means each child is different and learns in many ways. It also values how children learn through the Characteristics of Effective Learning. It is split into seven areas: Communication and Language; Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Physical Development; Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the World; Expressive Arts and Design.

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)

A rich, varied and wide-ranging curriculum, based on the National Curriculum for England, awaits children in Years 1 and 2.  Building on all the motivational, experiential learning that has taken place in the early years, our Key Stage 1 retains many elements of the excitement inherent in that phase, at the same time guiding children with greater focus towards the structured thinking which is necessary for full engagement and creativity as students get older.  From Year 1, some Enrichment activities are introduced during the school day alongside the curriculum, giving everyone a wide range of opportunities to learn in different contexts and in different groupings.

Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6)

The Prep School’s foundation is the English National Curriculum, which is enhanced to meet the needs of our international context.

Increasingly, daily life in and out of the classroom is infused with discussion and consideration of the Wellington Identity – and the values that underpin its development. Students are encouraged to be Inclusive, Intellectual, Independent, Individual and Inspired, and to exemplify the values of courage, integrity, kindness, respect and responsibility in order to get there.  We always say that the Identity represents the type of adult your children will become if they attend Wellington College – but, of course, they can be these things long before they reach the age of 18!

An extensive, learning-focused Enrichment programme of sports, performance and many other activities is provided in parallel to the taught curriculum.   As our students progress through the Prep School, the House structure becomes increasingly important as a pastoral and social focus.  Indeed, high quality pastoral provision is central to the Wellington philosophy, with a very strong Wellbeing programme particular features of all Wellington Colleges.

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