Application process and criteria

Wellington College Bangkok accepts applications on a rolling basis. For families with high interest, we recommend applying early in order to take advantage of limited class sizes.

Application process and criteria


Applications are received all year round; acceptance is subject to assessment and availability.

Once you have decided to apply to Wellington College Bangkok, the process is as follows:

Step 1.

Submit a paper-based application form or fill out the online application, along with all available supporting documents as outlined in the application checklist and pay the non-refundable THB 5,000 application fee. Once there is proof of bank transfer and/or payment is received, the admissions team will confirm receipt and contact you to schedule an assessment.

You may download a fillable PDF application form here.

Step 2.

For younger children applying for Early Years Foundation Stage (age 2-4 years old), an in-person assessment is performed at Wellington College Bangkok by a member of the Academic Team.

For applicants in Key Stage 1 (5 and 6 years old at the beginning of the academic year) are interviewed individually by the Academic Team. Applicants in Key Stage 2 take a CAT4 online test to gauge their readiness and potential to access the curriculum and are interviewed by a member of the academic team

Step 3.

The admissions team and academic team review the results of the assessment, with academic records from previous schools also an important factor in making a decision. Any special education needs would need to be disclosed and related documentation (e.g. specialist reports) shared in order for the School to determine if SEN resources in place are sufficient for each applicant.

The decision by Admissions Committee (whether Offered, Waitlisted, or Denied) will be communicated by email and phone call within ten working days.

Step 4.

Should an applicant receive an offer to join Wellington College Bangkok, a Letter of Offer will be sent by courier or mail to parents or guardian. The Letter of Offer package includes:

  • Terms and Conditions of Enrolment that parents and/or guardians must read, sign and return the signatory page to the school.
  • Invoice for payment of THB 200,000 registration fee to secure place for each accepted student (due within 10 working days of receipt).
  • Tuition for the 1st term of entry, the portion of dining fee during the first term of entry and the refundable 150,000 Baht Security Deposit would be due before enrolment in class.

A Welcome Package is sent to all students before the start of class, which includes orientation material and documentation that needs to be completed, such as a Medical Form, Security Badge and Car Sticker request forms.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for each term is calculated according to the proportion of each term’s length to the full school year. We endeavour to make cost of tuition as all-inclusive as possible, therefore Enrichment classes, Prep time, compulsory residential trips within Thailand, as well as EAL and SEN support (if needed), are included in the tuition.

Additional costs for uniforms vary according to each family’s requirements. Bus transportation is also available, cost depending on travel distance and intended frequency of use.

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