Our Staff

When we talk about the Wellington Identity, about how children who attend Wellington College will become inspired, intellectual, independent, individual and inclusive adults, we should never forget that the people who get them there, the teachers, must be every bit as inspired, intellectual, independent, individual and inclusive themselves.

Our Staff

In order to ensure that the teachers we recruit embody the Wellington Identity – and more – we put applicants through a rigorous process: at least two long interviews, focused on teaching philosophy, technique, theory, practice, innovation and more; a lesson observation; international Police checks; full reference and qualification checks. We only actually offer jobs to around 6% of those who apply.

Everyone is different: there are no typical Wellington teachers but, if there were, they might be: educated at excellent universities; UK qualified; experienced at working in some of the UK’s, and the world’s, top schools; committed to always learning, always developing their practice; fascinated by a lot more than just the classroom; highly motivated; calm; approachable; thoughtful; reflective; humorous; relentless; healthy and polite.

Teaching at Wellington involves a lot more than just planning and delivering in the classroom: there are enrichment activities, which everyone is involved in; there is the House system, which provides the opportunity for teachers and students to understand and support each other in a different context; there are school events; there are academic research projects; there is Friends of Wellington, our PTA; there are weekly professional development courses; and a lot more besides. The job is not for those who are looking for an easy life – it’s tough, exhausting, and very rewarding!

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